IBA Consultants works with Designers, Contractors and Developers to provide advice, oversight, and performance evaluations to ensure that all components of a building’s exterior meet the structural standards necessary to provide durability, aesthetic quality, and protection.

From cladding and glazing to waterproofing and roofing, IBA Consultants will:

Assist in the development of specifications for all exterior systems

Review all designer drawings and specifications

Assist in identifying appropriate materials and manufacturers

Evaluate bid proposals

Evaluate mock-up and laboratory tests

Review shop drawings

Inspect fabrication facilities

Visit jobsite’s on a regular basis to monitor installation

Monitor quality assurance programs

Perform job field testing (ASTM/AAMA)

IBA Consultants is celebrating its Silver Anniversary

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Mark E. Baker – President

Javier Hernandez – Regional V.P. Miami, FL

Mike Presciti – Regional V.P. Tampa, FL

Lee Baker – Regional V.P. Las Vegas, NV

Salvador Garcia – V.P. Operations