25 years In-Retrospect IBA CONSULTANTS Celebrates its 25th Anniversary IBA CONSULTANTS Proudly in business for over two decades WE PROVIDE Independent oversight during design and construction phases SUBJECT MATTER SPECIALIST For Building Envelope System and Components

IBA Consultants works with Designers, Contractors and Developers to provide advice, oversight, and performance evaluations to ensure that all components of a building’s exterior meet the structural standards necessary to provide durability, aesthetic quality, and protection.

From cladding and glazing to waterproofing and roofing, IBA Consultants will:

Assist in the development of specifications for all exterior systems

Review all designer drawings and specifications

Assist in identifying appropriate materials and manufacturers

Evaluate bid proposals

Evaluate mock-up and laboratory tests

Review shop drawings

Inspect fabrication facilities

Visit jobsite’s on a regular basis to monitor installation

Monitor quality assurance programs

Perform job field testing (ASTM/AAMA)

IBA Consultants is celebrating its Silver Anniversary

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Mark E. Baker – President

Javier Hernandez – Regional V.P. Miami, FL

Mike Presciti – Regional V.P. Tampa, FL

Ricardo Augustin – Regional V.P New York, NY

Lee Baker – Regional V.P. Las Vegas, NV

Salvador Garcia – V.P. Operations