The use of private inspections in lieu of municipal building inspections is growing throughout the country, particularly in areas with construction projects where size, complexity, and pace of construction are overwhelming. In many urban areas, building officials outsource inspection services to known professionals who have the necessary expertise.

Developers require third party inspectors to save time and construction costs because some completed work must be approved before additional work can begin.

Our team of pre-approved and pre-certified professionals can perform special inspection services at the job site and at the point of manufacture. We concentrate on structural and life safety issues in addition to standard quality control inspection services, which emphasize water leakage prevention, aesthetics, and construction claims mitigation. Each can be provided independently although when combined, they provide both legislative compliance and quality control beyond minimum code requirements.

Special Inspection Services Include:

1. Fabrication and installation of curtain wall systems
2. Fabrication and installation of structural glazed (curtain wall) panels
3. Firestopping inspections
4. Inspections of railings and safeguards
5. Roofing inspections
6. Any additional building envelope inspections required by the Building Official

IBA Consultants special inspection services are particularly well suited for:

1. Buildings of unusual size or height,
2. Where the method of design or construction is unusual or complex, or
3. Where the method or pace of construction requires continuous inspection.

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