Because of increased demand for inspections and advice on how to solve building failures, IBA Consultants has created a separate Forensic and Diagnostic Division with an elite team of investigative specialists.

This team has in-depth knowledge and experience in determining the extent and cause of building skin failures as well as recommending the appropriate remediation to eliminate those problems.

These services include:

• Water Leakage Investigation
• Moisture-Related Mold Origination
• Glass Breakage
• Wall Cracking
• Stucco Delamination
• Building Skin Failures
• Roofing Failures
• Catastrophic Failure Evaluation
• Retrofit Analysis
• Full Building Exterior Analysis
• Due Diligence Inspections
• IBA’s failure investigation and building diagnostic services are especially helpful for:
• Evaluation and retrofitting to meet new code requirements
• Repair of exterior leaks before extensive damage can occur
• Pre-purchase inspections and due diligence for buyers and prospective buyers
• Post-purchase building evaluation
• Expert testimony for designers, builders, developers, and contractors

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